Sailing is a sport that employs the wind, with the use of sails, to propel the boat on the surface of the water. Sailing has been known since ancient years as the sailing ships would compete in order to reach their destination quicker. Sailing is one of the first Olympic sports and it is a very enjoyable sport for people of all ages.

Windsurfing, on the other hand, combines both elements of sailing and surfing! During windsurfing, the athlete stands on a board and controls the free-rotating rig.

The Limassol Nautical Club holds Sailing and Windsurfing classes for beginners, pre-racing and racing teams as well as classes for general fitness and entertainment. The LNC classes are open to children above 6 years old and adults that can train both in a group or one-to-one. Below you can find all the classes offered.

Why train with LNC??

Our Club offers the opportunity to train in a safe and organised environment, using small and bigger boats, in great condition and with the accompaniment and presence of lifeboats and trained coaches.

LNC has a long-standing presence in the Sailing scene of the island and has remained the National Champion for the last 15 years!

LNC’s athlete Pavlos Kontides has won the Silver medal at the London Olympics while he has also won the International Championship twice and was recognized as the best Sailor of 2018 by the International Sailing Federation.

Who is it for?

Sailing is a sport both for young children and grown-ups, for those who want to train for elite performance and for those who want to stay active doing a fun yet challenging sport!

For children and boys and girls between 6 to 15 years old we have the Optimist boats which are considered the safest boats worldwide. Teenagers, youngsters and adults train in Laser boats with smaller or larger sails for all body types.

In addition, adults have the option of training in a larger sailing boat with a crew of up to 4 people.

Why this sport?

Sailing gives people of all ages the opportunity to exercise by training the whole body while at the same time it utilizes and develops ones perception, intelligence and ingenuity. In addition sailing offers many additional physical benefits such as strength, endurance, flexibility and balance. The sailor has to develop his/hers skills in order to understand all the elements and take advantage of the wind, the waves, the current, the forecast, the aerodynamic of the sails, the hydrodynamics of the boat and many more.

Optimist boats are single-seater boats that went into production in 1963. They are the most popular boats for children and are considered the safest sailing boats, especially for beginners. It is known as the learning point for any young sailor.

Characteristics of Optimist boats:

One of the main features of Optimist boats is that its bath looking shape ensures stability in the water. It is considered unsinkable and it combines safety and fun elements for young kids.

Who is it for?

Children can begin learning sailing in Optimist boats at the age of 6 and until 15. Then they can move on to the next Olympic Categories such as Laser, Windsurfing, 470.

Laser boats are single-seater boats that went into production in 1969. It is today one of the most popular sailing boats both for learning as well as racing. Laser boat, as a category is also included in the Olympic Games.

Characteristics of Laser boats:

One of the main features of Laser boats is the possibility of sailing with 3 different sizes of sails making it easier for beginners, both teenagers and adults, to take up the sport!

Who is it for?

At the Limassol Nautical Club you can begin sailing with Laser boats by joining our academies. The academies are for everyone aged 13 to 70 years old. Everyone can join both for general fitness or racing.

Both the 4,20 and 4,70 boats are two-seater sailing boats. The 4,20 type has been in production since 1959 while the 4,70 in 1963. The 4,70 is an Olympic category while the 4,20 is the pre-racing form of the boat for younger athletes. LNC is the only club offering lessons for 420 boats.

Characteristics of 4,20/4,70 boats:

The boats consist of three types of sails, the mainsheet, the jib and the spinnaker. The 420 boat was designed as a stepping stone for youth sailing to go on to the 470 category.

Who is it for?

Our Club offers both private and group lessons for these categories. The 420 category is ideal for the ages 13-18 while the 470 is for people aged 18 and above. You can take up the sport both for entertainment and fitness as well as to be part of the racing team.

Laser 16 is the only category our Club offers only as private lessons. The course consists of multiple sailing classes that can be both for racing and leisure. Participants can either choose to pay €50 per lesson or complete a course with 10 hours of sailing with €300. The course is designed by the Cyprus Sailing Federation under the International Sailing Association's inspection. Some lessons can be completely private or they can be with different sailors on the same boat.

Who is it for?

The lessons are for people of 18 years and above. Participants don't have to be of a specific fitness level or require a certain amount of skills. The lessons start from the very basic skills and can get to full racing terms.

Characteristics of Laser 16 boats:

Laser16 is a dynamic dinghy for up to 5 people, with a structure that allows for sailing in almost any wind strength. It is an ideal school boat for beginners.

Windsurfing is an exciting surface water sport that combines elements of surfing and sailing. On “short” or "long" boards the sail area generally ranges from 1.5 to 12 square meters (16 to 129 sq ft) depending on the conditions, the skill of the sailor, the type of windsurfing being undertaken and the weight of the person windsurfing.

Windsurfing, also called boardsailing, is a sport executed on a one-person craft called a sailboard. It has been one of the Olympic sailing events during the Summer Olympics since 1984 for men and 1992 for women. All sailors use the same One Design boards, daggerboards, fins and sails.

The sport is very intensive and requires discipline while providing an unbelievable feeling of freedom and independence. All it take is the water, wind, a surfboard and a rig and you are ready to go!

Who is it for?

The only prerequisite to taking up Windsurfing is knowledge of swimming. Children can join at the age of 7 – 10 y.o. depending on physical and mental development. Both children and adults can join the sport both for leisure and for joining the racing team.

For children interested to join we suggest an in-depth conversation with the parents and the child concerning his/her age, weight (from experience 30 kg and above it the safest), experience in other disciplines and the child's autonomy to have a good first impression.

Fedonas Makris

Head-coach, Optimist Category Coach, Windsurfing Instructor

Fedonas started Sailing in 1991 and Windsurfing in 1995...


Yes! Our classes offer this opportunity. Sailing and Windsurfing are sports that can help someone both to exercise and have fun like few sports can!

Optimist Category (Academy, Racing Team, Fitness-Fun): 6-15 y.o.
Laser Category (Academy, Racing Team, Fitness-Fun): 13-50 y.o.
420/470 Category (Academy, Racing Team, Fitness-Fun): 13-50 y.o.
Windsurfing Category (Academy, Racing Team, Fitness-Fun): 9-65 y.o.
Laser 16 Category (Academy only): 13-70y.o. (2-4 person crew)

All classes at the LNC are charged monthly. The fee for Sailing is 70 Euros per month with the exception of private lessons. The price for windsurfing lessons depends on the type of lessons.

Nautical & Water Sports can help you build stamina and strength. However, your coach must always be informed of medical problems. If you are concerned please consult your doctor first!

Please note that all athletes have to be issued an “Athlete Health Certificate” by the Cyprus Sports Organisation” which includes medical exams that ensure the athlete is fit to practice the sport and/or take part in competitions.

No, all that is required is for the trainee is to have basic swimming skills.

Before joining us for the first time, the coach will give you all the info you need. After the first lesson you can decide if you are joining the team!

We have organised groups and learning sessions throughout the year. After communication with the coach you can begin with the appropriate group

Children wear life jackets to ensure safety and the coaches are always in the water with the trainees using a coaching boat. Furthermore the boats being used are very safe, especially the Optimist boats for younger ages.

Given the excellent weather conditions on the island, you will only need a cap, a lycra t-shirt, shorts and sunscreen and these will get you through 9 months of training. As for the winter months a wetsuit will be enough!

Our team trains at the sea in front of our Club.

Athletes can train up to 6 times a week depending on what they would like to achieve. Private lessons are arranged according to your schedule in communication with your coach.

Yes, you will receive a 10% for the second child registering for sailing lessons. For windsurfing lessons exceptions apply. The discount is not applicable for private lessons.

Any unanswered questions?

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