Swimming is one of the most popular sports out there! While it is one of the first activities to be tried out by the humankind, swimming as a sport is quite a recent invention. It was introduced as an Olympic sport in 1896 and has since then been loved by so many people of different ages and backgrounds.

There are many different types of swimming techniques and distances that range between 50m. and 400m. as well as 4 x 200m. relay races.

The types of swimming include frontstroke, freestyle, butterfly, which is also the newest type of swimming introduced and backstroke.

Who is it for?

Swimming is a sport for everyone! Both for people who want to train for elite performance and for those who want to practice it for fitness and entertainment purposes. LNC has a variety of classes covering everyone’s needs!

We have training classes for ages 4 y.o. and above, pre-competitive teams for up to 12 y.o., racing teams from 13 y.o. and above and of course general fitness classes for veterans, member and parents of athletes!

Why this sport?

Swimming is considered as one of the most effective types of exercise for the whole body and with minimum negative impact on the body since all movement is within the water. In addition working out in the water helps improve mental health.

Why train with LNC?

Our club offers a well-structured training program and professional facilities. Our coaches are specialised and experienced in their field and all this can be proven by the excellent performance of our swimming team. LNC has been the National Champion for the last 2 consecutive years while our participations abroad have been vital to the swimming scene of the island!

Our Club’s aim is to maintain a friendly and approachable atmosphere between coaches, athletes and parents where everyone feels welcome!

Weekly training program

Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday Sunday
14:30 – 20:00 Beginner Classes 1 Beginner Classes 1 Beginner Classes 1 Beginner Classes 1 Beginner Classes 1 - -
08:00 – 10:00 Veterans classes 1 Veterans classes 1 Veterans classes 1 Veterans classes 1 Veterans classes 1 - -
08:00 – 10:00 - - - - - Beginner Classes 1 -
16:30 – 19:30 Beginner Classes
(up to 12 y.o.) 2
Beginner Classes
(up to 12 y.o.) 2
Beginner Classes
(up to 12 y.o.) 2
Beginner Classes
(up to 12 y.o.) 2
Beginner Classes
(up to 12 y.o.) 2
- -
08:30-10:00 - - - - - Beginner Classes
(up to 12 y.o.) 2

1 Olympic Swimming Pool Dasoudi
2 Tsirio Swimming Pool

Please note that the elite team’s schedule is planned in coordination with the team and the coach.
For more info please contact the administration to bring you in touch with a coach.

Bettina Toth

Swimming Coach, Aquafit Trainer, Triathlon Head-Coach

Bettina graduated the Juhasz Gyula University...


Yes, we have classes for both leisure and elite performance.

Everyone above 4 years old is welcome to join!

The monthly fee for Swimming, depending on the type of class is 45-50 Euros.

Nautical & Water Sports can help you build stamina and strength. However, your coach must always be informed of medical problems. If you are concerned please consult your doctor first!

Please note that all athletes have to be issued an “Athlete Health Certificate” by the Cyprus Sports Organisation” which includes medical exams that ensure the athlete is fit to practice the sport and/or take part in competitions.

Yes, just get in touch with us and we will put you in contact with one of our coaches to arrange a date that suits you.

All year-round; after communication with the coach you can begin with the appropriate group. 

The coaches will ensure the safety of all participants.

Every athlete should bring his/her own swimsuit, goggles, slippers and swim cap.

Some of our groups train at the Olympic Swimming Pool at Dasoudi and others at the Tsirio Swimming Pool.

Depending on your group, you can train between 2 and 9 times a week.

Yes, you will receive a discount for multiple family members.

Any unanswered questions?

Call us at +357 25 318181 or send an email