Windsurfing Coach

Giannis is an experienced Sailing and Windsurfing athlete and coach. He was a member of the National Sailing team under the Olympic Windsurfing Category, between 1996 and 2012.

Giannis took part in 5 Olympic Class Championships and during the last World Championship, held at Garda lake, Italy, I was part of the Golden Fleet under the RSX category and was awarded as one of the year’s best athletes.

For a period of approximately 7 years, Giannis trained alongside Cyprus’ Olympic medalist, Pavlos Kontides and Cyprus’ Champion Andreas Karioulou under the instructions of the Federation Coach Costas Simeonides. Giannis worked for a year as the assistant of Costas Simeonidis, earning valuable experience during that time.

Additionally, Giannis is a certified lifeguard and has extensive experience working as lifeguard. He also holds a professional speedboat license.