Canoeing and Kayaking are sports that can benefit an athlete in developing stamina, balance and strength, as well as mental focus and discipline.

How are the two sports different?

During kayaking, the athlete is seated in the boat and uses a double-bladed paddle to move the boat forward while in canoeing, the athlete kneels within the boat and uses a single-bladed paddle. Both sports can be done in either single or team boats.

In addition to Canoe and Kayak lessons our Club holds Parakayak lessons for people with mobility difficulties.

Who is it for?

Canoe and Kayak classes are open to everyone aged 8 years old and above!

Both sports are perfect for people who would like to train for elite performance and for those who want to maintain their health and fitness doing a fun yet challenging sport. All athletes take part in systematic, planned training sessions to achieve their own, personal goals.

Why this sport?

Canoe-Kayak can drastically help you build your physical and mental health. Furthermore it can strengthen your confidence and teach you how to take initiative!

Why this sport?

The Limassol Nautical Club has the oldest history in this sport and has won the most National Championships and Cups. Our athletes score some of the best National records in Canoe-Kayak and our aim is to continuously evolve and maintain our goal-oriented approach working methodically with a plan among both athletes and coaches.

Weekly training program

Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday Sunday
7:30 Dam - Dam - Dam - -
08:00 - - - - - Dam -
10:00 - - - - - Club -
15:30 - - Gym - - - -
16:00 Dam Dam - Dam Dam - -

Michalis Kyriacou

Physical education teacher, Canoe Kayaking coach

Michalis graduated the Semmelweis University in Hungary (2003) in the Hungarian language, as a Physical Education teacher...


Katalin Kyriacou Krusovszki

Physical education teacher, Swimming coach, Canoe Kayaking coach

Katalin graduated the Semmelweis University in Hungary (2002) as a Physical Education teacher and Swimming Instructor...


Yes, just get in touch with us and we will put you in contact with one of our coaches to arrange a date that suits you.

Swimming is the only skill you need to join. No previous experience of Canoe-Kayak is required. 

Nautical & Water Sports can help you build stamina and strength. However, your coach must always be informed of medical problems. If you are concerned please consult your doctor first!

Please note that all athletes have to be issued an “Athlete Health Certificate” by the Cyprus Sports Organisation” which includes medical exams that ensure the athlete is fit to practice the sport and/or take part in competitions.

All classes at the LNC are charged monthly but you can also buy vouchers of 3, 5 and 10 classes. The monthly fee for Canoe-Kayak is 45 Euros. For the vouchers, please visit our E-shop.

Everyone above 8 years old is welcome to join!

Yes, we have classes for both leisure and elite performance.

All year-round; after communication with the coach you can begin with the appropriate group.

Children wear life jackets to ensure safety.

No, everything is provided by the club. Just get your sports clothes on and join us for a trial!

Our team trains at the sea in front of our Club, at the Germasogia Dam and at the Club’s gym.

Athletes can choose to train between 1 to 7 times a week depending on their goals. The coach will help you figure this out.

Yes, you will receive a discount for multiple family members.

Any unanswered questions?

Call us at +357 25 318181 or send an email