Rowing is the sport in which athletes are moving a boat on the water using oars. Its origins go all the way back to Ancient Egypt. Rowing is the only sport in which the athletes cross the finish line going backwards! It's a very unique and beautiful sport, practiced on flat water in rivers and lakes. In Cyprus, we practice rowing at the water dams around Limassol and in the sea (when it's flat) which is the sport known as Coastal Rowing.

The Limassol Nautical Club offers sessions for both inexperienced and experienced athletes, both groups having the choice to follow the recreational/fun program or the Elite.

Our competitive team is one of the best on the island, with athletes from 8+ years old. We take pride in our sport, as it is considered to be the 2nd toughest sport after cross-country skiing. We train 4-7 times a week depending on age and personal goals.

How is Coastal Rowing different?

Coastal Rowing is the extreme version of Flat water Rowing! It is more adventurous and fascinating because the athlete has to row in rough waters and extreme conditions that can only be found at sea. The calmness offered by the feel of the water makes the sport very unique.

Coastal Rowing is easy to learn because of the good stability of the boats. There are 4 boat classes the single, double, coxed quadruple and mix double and is a World Event. Classes are for adults and the training is 5 times per week. Training combines both water sessions and gym classes.

Who is it for?

Rowing is for everyone! The only requirement is knowledge of swimming or at least the ability to float comfortably in the deep without the use of inflatables. We accept children of 10+ years old, as well as young adults who want to give rowing a try.

Coastal Rowing can be practiced both for general fitness but also for elite performance. Everyone is welcome to join can join; our classes have adults from 18 years to 70 years old.

Why this sport?

If you want to improve your physical, psychological and mental health, rowing is the answer! Its balanced, repetitive movement is almost like meditation. When the body moves in harmony in the boat, the athlete's psyche and mind is in peace.

It's a great sport to help improve your stamina and strength, as well as mobility and posture.

Rowing also cultivates team spirit, self-discipline and cooperation!

In addition to the above, Coastal Rowing has the added benefits of working out in the sea. Clean air, salt water, the scent of the sea they all do their bit to keep us healthy!

Why train with LNC?

Our club has one of the biggest, if not the biggest, fleet of rowing boats in Cyprus and the best supporting facilities as well.

Our coaches' years of experience as athletes and coaches, both in Cyprus and abroad, are an asset to the Club, and as the Management we make sure to provide them with the support they need to ensure their team and athletes thrive.

Coastal Rowing

We are the only club in Cyprus that offers classes of Coastal Rowing. Our facilities are very good and right on the beach where our team trains. Coastal Rowing does not have a national championship in Cyprus but there are World wide events that we paticipate to as a club.

Weekly training program

Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday Sunday
06:45 - - LNC sea - 6:45-10:00 LNC sea - -
08:30 - - - - - 8:30 LNC sea -
18:00 - Gym - Gym - - -
18:30 - Gym - Gym - - -

Training schedule Flat-Water Rowing:
Our trainings are held in the evening on weekdays and are flexible to cover all athletes' needs.
During the weekend, we train early in the morning when the water is flat and there's no wind.

Yes, we have classes for both leisure and elite performance.

Anyone above 10 years old can join the Rowing classes while Coastal Rowing classes are open to adults above 18+ y.o.

All classes at the LNC are charged monthly but you can also buy vouchers of 3, 5 and 10 classes.

The monthly fee for Rowing is 60 Euros. For the vouchers, please visit our E-shop or speak to your coach!

Nautical & Water Sports can help you build stamina and strength. However, your coach must always be informed of medical problems. If you are concerned please consult your doctor first!

Please note that all athletes have to be issued an “Athlete Health Certificate” by the Cyprus Sports Organisation” which includes medical exams that ensure the athlete is fit to practice the sport and/or take part in competitions.

Swimming or at least knowing how to float in deep water comfortably without assistance is the only skill you need to join. No previous experience of Rowing is required.

Yes, just get in touch with us and we will put you in contact with one of our coaches to arrange a date that suits you.

All year-round; after communication with the coach you can begin with the appropriate group

Coaches are always by the water with a boat and ensure the safety of all athletes.

No, everything is provided by the club. Just get your sports clothes on and join us for a trial!

Our team trains at the sea in front of our Club, at the nearby dams (Kouris & Germasogia) and at the Club’s gym.

Rowing training can be between 4-7 times a week depending on the athletes’ age and personal goals, while Coastal rowing training is between 3-5 times per week again depending on each athlete. Your coach will help you plan this based on your needs.

Yes, you will receive a discount for multiple family members.

Any unanswered questions?

Call us at +357 25 318181 or send an email