Dear friends,

We welcome you to the Limassol Nautical Club new website.

The aim of this effort is to create an easy, hospitable environment that provides our members and athletes, but also the broader public, with a user-friendly and up-to-date website that offers modern ways of communicating, accessing information and being serviced.

At the same time, we expect to project the rich history of the Limassol Nautical Club, the Sports Divisions that it offers and the Club’s cultural and social activities.

With a history in Cyprus’ sports scene that dates back to 1962, the Limassol Nautical Club is a live organisation that lives, breathes and opens its arms to over 300 athletes in the competitive teams and 480 in its academies.

This is rewarded each year with our athletes’ consecutive successes, successes on a National, European and International level. Throughout the years, the successes of the Limassol Nautical Club’s athletes have been sustained by the state and, primarily, by the unreserved support of the athletes’ parents, who voluntarily embrace the Limassol Nautical Club by contributing substantively and catalytically to our effort to increase youth’s interest in sport.

We hope your browsing experience on our website is like a sea voyage, inspirational, useful and constructive.