LNC Swimming, at the top for the 4th consecutive year!

The Limassol Nautical Club participated with 33 athletes at the 45th National Swimming Championship between the 25th to the 27th of June!

The LNC team, gave heart and soul, after a very challenging year, climbing to the top and winning the 4th consecutive, and 14th in total, Swimming Championship!

With their performances, the siblings Kalia and Nikolas Antoniou emerged as top athletes of the Championship with Nikolas also breaking a national record in the 50m. Freestyle (Men-Youth), with a time of 22.81!

Other remarkable, record-breaking performances by our athletes were those of:

-Zagkas Omiros at 50m. Breaststroke (28.53),

-Relay team: Antoniou Nikolas, Mitellas Marinos, Nikolaidis Nikolas, Zagkas Omiros, in the 4X100m Freestyle race (3.26.88),

-Relay team: Antoniou Nikolas, Mougis Sofoklis, Therapontos Giorgos, Zagkas Omiros, in the 4x100m Mixed race (3.48.51)

We are very proud of the whole team and warmly congratulate the coaches George Vallas (head-coach), Constantinos Alexandropoulos, Dimitris Charalambous and Iosif Psomas, as well as Stavros Michaelides for their hard work and dedication!

We would like to kindly thank the Team and the Club management & administration and the parents who support the athletes every step of the way!

Keep it up team!