5 + 1 Reasons to Support the LNC Fundraiser Campaign!

Unless you’ve spent the last year under a rock, you are well aware of the hit the economy has taken due to the Covid-19 pandemic! Unfortunately, the sports world has also been affected and every Club, Association and Team has been fighting an unfair battle to float above, and not sink down.

The same goes for our Club. A historic Nautical Club that has been on the forefront of both the sports and the cultural scene since 1962. Our athletes have represented Cyprus in more than 10 Olympiads, countless World and European Championships, and they’ve been breaking national records one after the other. The current CY Olympic Team already has three of our athletes on its roster, Pavlos Kontides, Karolina Pelendritou in the Paralympics Team, and youngster Natasa Lappa, and we have 5 more elite athletes on the Tokyo 2020 qualification hunt!

Since March 2020, the LNC Board of Directors, the management and staff, have been actively seeking funds and working hard to push the Club through this challenging period. The sole purpose of these activities is saving every job position, and ensuring that all elite athletes maintain their right to training, while every other athlete can safely return to training when measures permit.

The support we have received in the last few months from members, friends and sponsors is heartwarming! Now, on this final push to get through this, we kindly ask everyone to back the city’s Nautical Club via the fundraiser campaign “Support the LNC”, and we’ll give you 5 + 1 reasons why! Read on!

  1. The LNC employs more than 30 people! Admin staff, management staff, coaches!
  2. We’re among the very few Clubs/companies that supported every single employee throughout this pandemic, and has not closed a single job position since the pandemic started.
  3. As a non-profit organisation we were not entitled to the same financial governmental support, although we have the same duties as for-profit corporations!
  4. Sports are not a luxury. Sports are a necessity. This could be a whole article in itself, the benefits of sports are endless and it’s the responsibility of every country to ensure the viability of it. Youngsters find refuge in sports, elite athletes chase their dreams and recreational athletes recharge and rejuvenate both their bodies and minds.
  5. We want to be back stronger than before to continue supporting all our athletes, boosting our city’s and country’s sports scene, enriching the cultural activities happening all over the island and strengthening the sports world!
  6. Last but not least, with every “Support the LNC” lottery ticket, you get a chance to win a Volkswagen T-Cross by Unicars!

So here you have it, 6 reasons to help us get through this by purchasing your lottery ticket now! Visit https://tickets.limassolnauticalclub.com/support-lnc to secure your ticket! The competition ends on the 31st of March!

For further information you can read the Terms & Conditions here and you can contact us at 25318181 and via Live Chat on our website.

Thank you for your kind and valuable support!

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