Laser Category Coach

Theologos Danezis has a strong 41 year old coaching career and has also worked in significant positions within the Sports Secretariat of the Greek Ministry of Sport and Culture.

As a coach, Theologos has worked for the Greek Sailing Federation during 1991-1996 and 2009-2013 as well as for various Nautical Clubs in Greece and Cyprus. His roles at the Greek Sports Secretariat between 1987 and 2013 varied from fulltime employee of the department of University Education, director of the Sailing Coach Academies and member of the committee of the Sailing Coach Academies.

As an athlete, Theologos Danezis was part of the National Team under the following categories: Optimist (1967-1968), 420 (1970 -72), Finn (1973-74), 470 (1975-1983), Soling (1984-1985) and participated in many Balkan – European and World Championships, mainly under the 470 category and in various National and International Offshore competitions since 1971.

Theologos has also served as a race officer for World Championships and the 2004 Olympic Games.

In addition to his rich coaching, professional and athletic experience, Theologos holds a degree in Sailing Coaching (Category A) from the Greek Sport Secretariat, an offshore sailing diploma and a speedboat license.

Theologos Danezis joined the LNC Sailing Division in autumn 2019.