Limassol Nautical Club History

The Limassol Nautical Club was founded on Sunday the 14th of January 1962 at 11.30 am, by Vasos Aivaliotis, Kyriakos Antoniades, Marios Agathaggelou, Varnavas Alexandrou, Adonis Zachariou, Nikos Kirzis, Kostas Lamaris, Giannakis Nemitsas, Andreas Papadopoulos, Emilios Pantelides, Andreas Petrides, Giannakis Potamitis, Giannakis Sykopetritis, Christos Christides, Andreas Razis, Rikkos Michaelides” at the beach club “Kyani Akti”.

The opening lines of the meeting minutes were …“On Sunday the 11th of February 1962, at the restaurant “Flos Place” by the sea, a meeting of the Limassol Nautical Club founding members took place. The 40 members present appointed Mr. Andreas Papadopoulos (Minister of Communication and Works at the time) chairman of the meeting. During the meeting the members agreed upon the club’s constitution. The attendees unanimously elected the first board of directors, which comprised as follows: Kostas Lamaris (Chairman), Giannakis Potamitis (Vice-Chairman), Marios Agathaggelou (Secretary), Takis Nemitsas (Treasurer), Omiros Christodoulides, Emilios Pantelides, Rikkos Michaelides”.

From that day on, meetings were held on a regular basis, with the ways to organise and improve the Club always as the main topics. The first meetings of the board dealt with the allocation of a piece of coastal land by the Government for use by the Club, as well as the finding of financial resources and other.

The passion and the dedication to the cause of the Club’s development, the various activities organised by the Club members added to the Club’s reputation and the number of members registered was growing. Throughout the years more and more people became part of the family of the Limassol Nautical Club, prominent figures of the city became it’s athletes and members of the board. In the club’s minutes book you can find the names of people who were part of the city’s affluent society at the time.

One of the first sports introduced at the Club was sailing. There were often competitions between the Nautical Clubs of Limassol, Famagusta, Dhekelia, Akrotiri and Episkopi and it was reported that the first competitions took place with simple fishing boats. In 1980 Limassol Nautical Club participated for the first time in the Olympic Games, held in Moscow. At the weekends there were usually sailing races between members of the Club with the participation of people of all ages on the boats. The starting signal was given with the ringing of the bell at what is referred to as the “bridge” point, the highest spot of the Club’s building, where an erected mast functioned as an imaginary starting line.

Fishing competitions, scheduled trips to Akrotiri, entertainment events and large parties took place at the Club premises on a daily basis. Entrance was allowed to members only and Limassol Nautical Club membership was considered prestigious and a great honour.

Ever since its’ founding days, Limassol Nautical Club has lots of sporting achievements to show, making it the Club of Champions in sailing, rowing, canoe-kayak, swimming and water polo. The facilities provided, the high calibre of coaches and trainers of the Club and the excellent performances of its athletes over the years, with champions such as Pavlos Kontides Olympic metalist in sailing, Valentinos Sofokleous in rowing, Stavros Michaelides and Carolina Pelendritou in swimming, among others coming out of its ranks, has taken Limassol Nautical Club to a different level altogether on the island’s sports scene. The Limassol Nautical Club has also an active involvement as a founding member in the above mentioned water sports federations.

Limassol Nautical Club maintains excellent relationships and collaborates with all nautical clubs in Cyprus, and is twinned with nautical clubs in Greece and other countries all over the world. Through an intergovernmental agreement, some of the Club’s athletes are also registered with clubs abroad.

However, Limassol Nautical Club is not only well known for its achievements to Cyprus’s sporting world, but also for its cultural activities and its contribution to society since various events are very often organised by the Club, including speeches, lectures on sports and other topics, beach parties, banquets, fishing competitions and award ceremonies for athletes. The Club’s work is supported by the CSO (Cyprus Sports Organisation), but most importantly from its members and the athletes’ parents, who are a dynamic, hard-work volunteer team.
The Club thrives in contributing to peoples’ lives in a positive way and promotes the benefits of training in sports as well as reveals the magic of water sports. The Club from is establishment aimed not only at producing champions, but also athletes with strong and articulate character, cultivate the team spirit and inspire respect towards the competitors and the fellow human beings.