Sailing is the art of floating on the water, using the wind as the sole or main power source.

Throughout history, sailing has been instrumental in the development of civilization, affording humanity greater mobility than travel over land. The sails were tied to the masts and with the help of the wind, the vessels – known as sailboats – would cross the seas around the world. The sport’s important advantages are that it promotes character building, self-discipline, organisation, patience and persistence.

Sailing is one of the first Olympic sports. It became a part of the first Olympic Games in 1896; however, bad weather in Athens meant that Olympic sailing only actually took place four years later, at the Paris 1900 Games.

Sailing is the first sport that the Limassol Nautical Club became involved with when it was founded in 1962. Its occupation with sailing had a social character up until the foundation of the Cyprus Sailing Federation in 1978. The races would take place between the Cypriot and English clubs in Cyprus. The participation of high-ranking English army officers in the games would add special glamour and the print media at the time used to regularly cover them. When the Cyprus Sailing Federation was founded, with the Limassol Nautical Club as a founding member, sailing became more competitive in Cyprus as the Olympic category 470 was introduced, followed by the optimist category. The Cypriot sailing trip through the Olympic Games began in 1980, when Cyprus made its first appearance in the Games as a state entity.

The Limassol Nautical Club has a rich history in the sport of sailing. In Cyprus it boasts, on a team level, 10 championships in the past 11 years. The significant achievements, in Cyprus as well as abroad, peaking with the first Olympic medal for Cyprus, won by the Limassol Nautical Club sailor Pavlos Kontides, has placed the Club at the top of Cyprus Sport.

The Sailing Division is directed at children aged 6 years and above, boys and girls of all ages.

The Sailing Division is divided into the sections below:

  1. Optimist Sailing Academy
  2. Adult Sailing Academy
  3. Triangle Sailboat Racing
  4. Offshore Sailboat Racing
  5. Offshore Sailing School
  6. Social Sailing – Lifelong exercise
  7. Windsurfing School

Sailboat types


Provided their body type allows it, children up to 15 years of age compete on optimist sailboats. The optimist boat is the most popularly used by children worldwide. The racing teams and optimist academies are the backbone of any club, as it is in these categories that the sailing foundations are laid.


Laser Radial – Laser Standard

The laser sailboat has the unique ability of allowing sailors weighing between 50 and 100 kilos to sail the boat by altering part of the mast and sail. It is the most popular category in the world and is used by sailors aged from 10 years old to 75+. The Olympic Games include a Laser Standard race for men and Laser Radial for women. The Limassol Nautical Club has a long tradition in this category, as it has conquered almost all local championships for men, women and youths over the past 20 years. It peaked with Cyprus’ first Olympic medal, achieved by Pavlos Kontides in the 2012 Games in London.

Laser 4.7

It is the most technical Olympic category in the world. The Limassol Nautical Club has been active in this category since 1978. The Club has over the years produced big stars in the category and is effectively the club that kept the category alive over the recent difficult years.

420 Class Dinghy

This category is considered the most technical youth category. It is directed at children who have finished training on the optimist or at children whose body type does not allow for them to carry on in that category. The Limassol Nautical Club is the only club in Cyprus that offers and supports this category.

Training Schedule

Training takes place daily in the sea opposite the Club’s premises.

Sailing School

The Limassol Nautical Club runs a Sailing School. There are specific lesson “packages”, while private lessons are also available.

Offshore Sailing School

The Limassol Nautical Club also offers also lessons in Offshore Sailboat Racing on large sailing boats. Internationally recognised diplomas are handed over with the completion of courses, on all the levels on offer.

For more information, contact the Limassol Nautical Club Secretariat at +357 25318181