Coaches Bio

Faidonas Makris

He began sailing from 6 years and windsurfing 12 years since participated in several national championships in the categories Optimist and 470 where he has excelled . At age 10 he joined the national sailing team and also participated in various international tournaments . He studied at the Gymnastics Academy of Thessaloniki specialty sailing and windsurfing . He coached sailing / windsurfing classes in the categories Optimist, 470, Laser and RSX. Since 2013 is only coach and trainer for windsurfing and paddling.

Andreas Cosgrove

He began his involvement in sailing at the age of 9 years old with the Optimist class and then trained in classes Laser and windsurfing.  At the age of 14 he became a member of the Cyprus National Sailing Team. He has a degree in Business Management however his main occupation is sailing training. In 2012 until the 2015 he was a Sailing Instructor in Famagusta Nautical Club and since May 2015 is a Sailing Instructor at Limassol Nautical Club